Thanks for helping to playtest the latest version of
Geo Gods.

The game is still in early development so expect bugs and major issues. Please report any feedback via Testflight, Discord or Email.

View the Change Log here.

iOS App Store
You can join the Geo Gods play test via the public Testflight invitation.

Android Google Play Store
Join the Google Play Android Closed Test by joining the
Geo Gods Close Test Group (via Google Groups).

Once you've accepted the group invitation you can download the game here:
Geo Gods Closed Test on Google Play

Change Log

Version 9

Added: Tap weekly challenge score to see its leaderboard.
Added: Last copied ability is displayed when the card is dragged.
Fixed: Blue God does not correctly gain all inactive crystal bonus values.
Fixed: Yellow Crystal reset god does not count increased bonus score.

Version 8

Added: Saved game load menu.
Changed: Gain value of all adjacent Water-Gods.
Fixed: Unlocks are not free on Android.
Fixed: Crystal preview for tiles without element broken.

Version 7

Added: On completing all crystals gain 6 points for each element on each empty tile.
Added: Left over mana gems get added to total score at the end of the game
Changed: Gain all bonuses of inactive Power Crystal Elements on this tile.
Fixed: Quit in tutorial counts as lost game.
Fixed: Gain all Green-Gods when triggered from a blue copy doubles it's value.
Fixed: Time zone adjustments missing.
Fixed: Google Play login issues due to signing key.

Version 5

Added: Placeholder Sounds.
Added: Power Crystal preview for tiles.
Added: Tap weekly notification to see which packs are missing.
Fixed: Minor fixes.

Version 4

Added: Tutorial.
Added: Shop Menu.
Added: Weekly Challenge flow to purchase God-Packs / Ads.
Fixed: Minor fixes.

Version 3

Initial test version.