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Geo Gods

The game is still in early development so expect bugs and major issues. Please report any feedback via Testflight, Discord or Email.

View the Change Log here.

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You can join the Geo Gods play test via the public Testflight invitation.

Android Google Play Store
Join the Google Play Android Closed Test by joining the
Geo Gods Close Test Group (via Google Groups).

Once you've accepted the group invitation you can download the game here:
Geo Gods Closed Test on Google Play

Change Log

Version 31

Changed: New Tutorial.

Version 30

Added: First Music draft.
Changed: Allow unlocking of cards by dragging them out of the draft.
Changed: Automatically unlock all cards when lock/refresh is blocked next turn is triggered.
Changed: Blocked refresh state will not lead to a forced game end condition, but just refresh the draft.

Version 29

Changed: Locked gods stay locked after refresh.
Fixed: Buttons don't reset to org position.
Fixed: Refreshing without mana gems blocks the game.
Fixed: Highscore buttons miss active highlight.
Fixed: Returned transformed god does not stay transformed.
Fixed: White God 3 does not have a double ability action.

Version 28

Added: New tasks.
Added: App Icon.
Added: Store screenshots.
Fixed: Layout adjustments for tablets.

Version 27

Added: Title Screen.
Added: Tasks system.
Added: Tasks leaderboard.

Version 26

Added: UI polish.
Changed: Leaderboard reset.
Fixed: Cloud Save issues.

Version 25

Added: UI polish.
Added: Final menu art.
Fixed: Tutorial issues.

Version 24

Added: UI polish.
Added: Final crystals.

Version 23

Added: Final Cards.
Added: Save & quit and abandon.
Added: Final tiles.
Added: Final Icons
Fixed: Summon destroyed god bugged.
Fixed: Copy of locked card can't place card into empty deck slot.
Fixed: God animations don't change.

Version 22

Added: Final Fire Gods.

Version 21

Added: Final Snow Gods.
Added: Final Wood Gods.

Version 20

Added: Final Desert Gods.
Fixed: Sorting order issues for UI.

Version 19

Added: Final Stone Gods.
Added: Few game UI color tests.
Fixed: Stone god can't summon another god twice.
Fixed: New god animations can have the wrong sorting order.

Version 18

Added: Final water Gods.
Added: Deck amount display.
Changed: Snow 4 - A random God gains +3 when you refresh the draft.
Fixed: Copied "can't place anywhere" God can't be played anywhere.

Version 17

Added: Decks.
Added: Tile floating animation.
Changed: Stone1 - Summon a random God from the draft, it gains +10.
Changed: Stone3 - Locked cards gain +7
Changed: Snow4 - All gods gain +2 when you refresh the draft.
Changed: Wood3 - All Gods gain the value of the current Mana gem.
Fixed: Not all gods display score trace when placed.
Bug: Gods that change element don't update their god image.

Version 15

Changed: Chaos mode removed.
Fixed: Bug when displaying end of game scores.

Version 14

Added: Chaos mode to create your own 36 card deck.
Changed: Added 1 time purchase and removed the pack purchases.
Fixed: god sorting should reset before menu is shown
Fixed: After realigning gods the z-order is not updated
Fixed: after a new mana gem is added and the tray has empty spots, immidiately display new gem in next free tray

Version 13

Changed: White God 4 -> Draft: Gain +2 when you refresh the Draft.
Fixed: White God 6 sometimes still has old ability active.

Version 12

Changed: Stone God 8 -> Increase the Bonus of a random Power Crystal by +2.
Changed: Snow God 6 -> Draft: Gain +7 when a Power Crystal Activates.
Fixed: 0 mana, with 0 element fields locks game.
Fixed: After color changed god duplication from locked state, does not copy changed color.
Fixed: Locked card in inventory get's dealt a second card on top after locked state duplication.
Fixed: Double draft restore can only restore one god.
Fixed: Last played ability not saved.

Version 11

Changed: Desert God 2 - Gain +1 for each God that is not a Desert-God.
Changed: Water-God 3 - Summon a 3 value Water-God on all adjacent tiles and gain their values.
Changed: Desert-God 4 - Gods that are not adjacent to any other Desert-God gain +2.
Changed: Desert-God 5 - Lose 1 for each Desert-God. Value is 10 now.

Version 10

Added: Weekly refresh on application resume.
Added: Display missed weekly scores as 0.
Fixed: Game ends when there are 0 mana gems, but still 0-Element board tiles left open.
Fixed: Refresh icon ui not updated when god changes it's state/value.
Fixed: Reset crystal when only 1 crystal is active should wait for the crystal to trigger and then check again.
Fixed: When result is shown you can still tooltip gods
Fixed: Game ended even though there were 4 mana gems still available.

Version 9

Added: Tap weekly challenge score to see its leaderboard.
Added: Last copied ability is displayed when the card is dragged.
Fixed: Blue God does not correctly gain all inactive crystal bonus values.
Fixed: Yellow Crystal reset god does not count increased bonus score.

Version 8

Added: Saved game load menu.
Changed: Gain value of all adjacent Water-Gods.
Fixed: Unlocks are not free on Android.
Fixed: Crystal preview for tiles without element broken.

Version 7

Added: On completing all crystals gain 6 points for each element on each empty tile.
Added: Left over mana gems get added to total score at the end of the game
Changed: Gain all bonuses of inactive Power Crystal Elements on this tile.
Fixed: Quit in tutorial counts as lost game.
Fixed: Gain all Green-Gods when triggered from a blue copy doubles it's value.
Fixed: Time zone adjustments missing.
Fixed: Google Play login issues due to signing key.

Version 5

Added: Placeholder Sounds.
Added: Power Crystal preview for tiles.
Added: Tap weekly notification to see which packs are missing.
Fixed: Minor fixes.

Version 4

Added: Tutorial.
Added: Shop Menu.
Added: Weekly Challenge flow to purchase God-Packs / Ads.
Fixed: Minor fixes.

Version 3

Initial test version.